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Christmas and More at 3WM

Encouraging Children to Climb - Why it's so good for them.

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Psychology of Arousal

Cross-Body Training and Physical Literacy

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Homemade Take-Away...


Homemade Pesto

A Brief History of our Church

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The Perfect being The Enemy of The Good

"Coffee is coffee"

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Flexibility and Fascia

Visualisation and Climbing

Route Memory

Coordination and Climbing

Warrior 2 and Side Bends

Warrior 1 and Lunge

Cat Posture

No More Nails - Part 2

No More Nails - Part 1

It's time to look after your feet


Taming the Black Dog

Using your non-dominant hand

Your core - what is it and how do you train it?

Yoga warm-up sequence

Training, eating and immune systems

Yoga for Stress

Yoga for climbing 2 - chair sequence

Yoga for Climbing 1

3 Wise Monkeys Recommends: GMB for climbing

Green Sally Up

How Much Climbing Training While Social Distancing?

COVID-19 Update 2 - temporary closure of the climbing centre

The Drink 1 Give 1 Project - A practical way to help over a cup of coffee.

COVID-19 update from 3 Wise Monkeys to Our Community.

Competition Results! Winter Climbing Series round 2

What to do with worn out climbing shoes

It's Snow Joke - Ben and Glen Nevis to be de-iced

Short walks near Fort William

Legends of Lent


La Sportiva Muira XX

Hidden Bouldering Treasures - Appin Cave

Huel - An interesting option for climbers?

How does it all work?

Wet Weather Activities in Fort William

Benefits of Climbing for Children

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Bouldering Day Trips from Fort William - Part 2

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Lochaber Bouldering - Road To The Isles

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Heather Hat

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Grading: A modern solution...

6 reasons why you should get your kids into climbing