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Another COVID-19 update from 3 Wise Monkeys

Jul 16, 2020 2:03:21 PM / by Oliver Millington

I don't know about you, but I'm getting pretty fed up of COVID-19 updates, so I'll try and scatter these with Easter eggs about what's been going on at the centre to keep it more fun for you... 

We're in an odd position on our perch up in the Highlands, watching as climbing walls across the world in areas far worse hit by the pandemic start to reopen their doors. It's a luxury in a way to be able to see how it goes for those walls, and plan accordingly. Because of that, and because we're in no way close to reopening (we have a working date of 1st of September) we don't yet have a belt and braces COVID system all laid out. 

We're asking for your opinions, on what would help you to feel safe and excited to come back to your climbing centre, and we're asking now so we can take that into account. 

There are some things that go without saying:

We're going to need to 'covidise' our sign in and sign out procedures so they're fit to help support track and tracing efforts. That means everyone will need to re-register online before you come climbing. 

We're going to need to provide extra handwashing and sanitisation facilities, and make them as hygenic as they can be, this is alongside the whole host of measures we'll take to keep the walls and facilities cleaner.

And we're going to need to set lower capacity limits in all 3 of our climbing areas, so you can maintain social distancing while climbing. 

Then there are some more tricky topics that we'd like your opinions on:

Walls up and down the UK have been managing access in different ways. Whether booking climbing slots to manage capacity, having queuing and capacity limits, or timetabling access to different groups, they're all being tried. We want your opinions on what you think would work best for you. 

And what about face coverings? Current guidelines suggest  they will not be mandatory in climbing areas, so we're working along the lines of them needing to be worn while you sign in, travel between the climbing areas or head to the cafe - but then when you're sat on your snuggly sofa enjoying a coffee from our new coffee machine, or climbing your route - masks won't be essential because you'll be socially distanced.

You can let us know what you think about these, and anything else you have concern about so we can potentially address your concerns in the run up to opening. We're monitoring comments on this page, and on the corresponding facebook post. 


Oliver Millington

Written by Oliver Millington