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Coffee Creativity Enhanced by Lockdown?

May 1, 2020 5:03:00 PM / by Alan Robinson

Ah ha, yes that sounds like a possibility? Alan in a flat on his own, no restriction on how much coffee he can make or drink (it's an essential, right? Hmmmm....) Well actually not really, although as I come up with “new” drinks every other day at 3WM it's just a question of now choosing which of the drinks pool to share with all of you! So here goes, fasten your coffee seat belts and prepare for the rush. I int

No added sugar (please don't leave yet!)roduce to you a Mocha of some considerable novelity (it's my blog and I'll invent words if I want to!) It is a Mocha with:

  • No added sugar (please don't leave yet!)IMG_20200501_132621
  • Organic and Fairtrade Certification
  • An enviable nutrient profile
  • A dangerously dark persona 

So the first aspect of controversy is the no added sugar, I realise the appeal to many a mocha drinker is the sweetness and lack of coffee taste. So lets just establish that this Mocha is definitely for a lover of coffee and the majesty of dark chocolate overtones. The nature of this mocha is , however, remarkably smooth in the same league as that of an 85% Green & Black's Chocolate Bar.




The Foundation of the 100% Cacao Mocha


Lucy Bee's Drinking Chocolate

This product is quite unlike any other drinking chocolate I have ever experienced. Firstly it has no added sugar, fillers or additives. Reputable brands often avoid the latter two, however, no sugar? Even Green & Black's Dark Drinking Chocolate has sugar added. In fact every drinking chocolate I've ever seen has sugar (or at the very least some revolting sweetener added.) So how does this brand manage to avoid it? The answer could be in the entire process visa vie:

  • Organic, fairtrade and the workers are a team largely composed of single mothers from the mountainous “cacao belt” in the Dominican Republic.
  • It is naturally fermented and roasted (below 45oC) and hence retains a premium level of antioxidants and other nutrients (see profile below.) There are no added fillers, anti-caking agents or artificial chemicals.



If you want the full bunna then click here.


All Good Things Come in Threes!

(Somehow I managed to make some videos and upload them to my youtube account. So apparently I can learn new tricks, must be the influence of my youthful colleagues!)


Stage 1

Measure a tsp of Lucy Bee's Drinking Chocolate into a cup. Add your espresso and mix well to dissolve powder (Prepare your espresso with whatever your home coffee technology will allow, I'm mostly using a Moka Stove Top device at the moment, which works well.)


Stage 2

Foam milk (as would for latte style drink.)


Stage 3 

Swirl in milk to produce your silky smooth, darker than dark Mocha. Prepare for the rush....

Ok, so now you just need to run the lockdown shopping gauntlet and buy this “essential” item. I found my packet in Morrison's (it was late and I was desperately searching for a nice drink that wasn't coffee, so serendipity led me to this secret saviour.)


Let me know how you get on and your views on this new addition to my coffee armoury. 

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Alan Robinson

Written by Alan Robinson