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COVID-19 update from 3 Wise Monkeys to Our Community.

Mar 16, 2020 4:25:45 PM / by Oliver Millington

It seems like only a week ago that the biggest threat to the climbing centre and our community seemed to be a lack of toilet roll.


Increasingly the situation is evolving, and naturally our response is evolving with it.

From our perspective, we see the unfolding situation regarding COVID-19 and how to best respond to the situation as a conflict between two sides.

On the one hand we have a moral obligation to protect our community in every way we can. On the other hand we do not wish to reduce access to physical activity and social interaction any more than necessary.

Looking ahead, and looking at example climbing centres in the US where the situation is further along, it seems only a matter of time until closures will be necessary. Our hope is to limit the impact of these closures, if they do indeed become necessary, to both us and our local community by timing them as well as we can.

For now, it's business as usual - with the obvious exception that you should not come climbing if you are displaying any symptoms. There are hand-washing facilities at the climbing centre, please use them before and after you climb.

Looking ahead, we will likely be releasing plans for youth clubs, memberships and courses. In reality our climbing centre is small - the advice that may pertain to a busy commercial gym or leisure centre doesn't apply to us in the same way. If our healthy and active community can take sensible steps to protect others, then the impact to our business could be relatively small.

We are considering multiple ways we can reduce the impact and look after our local community while still keeping access to the centre open as long as we can. These could include:

  • bookable time restricted climbing slots reducing crossover of individuals
  • reducing max capacities of our climbing areas and cafe
  • timetabling cycles of opening, closure, cleaning and reopening to reduce potential virus spread

We are open to suggestions, and are keen to work with our community of climbers and staff who ultimately make up the company that we are. As the situation develops we will post further. For now, please consider supporting us with your custom as usual - unless you're displaying symptoms. For those who have not been climbing before, we're still open - come and see what we're about, a warm and anti-bacterial welcome awaits.






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Oliver Millington

Written by Oliver Millington