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So this is a futuristic blog, as I'm fairly confident the recipes that will be divulged provide more than one hours sustenance (well that was relevant when I STARTED writing this blog, I’m still a newbie at this business! Suffice to say you’d have to be taking the new exercise guidelines to the wire for these survival foods to let you down.) And how do I know this? Well I've been using these recipes to fuel up pre-fast every day (going into my 3rdweek now) and I'm still able to compose sentences and brave such experiences as shopping in Morrisons. 

Also, our aim is to provide tips on environmentally friendly foods for hill days.

So what is our first offering? It may sound a cliche, however, I am going with bread. Now don't be afraid it is not another sourdough recipe. There is no feeding, watering, changing nappies etc, NO! This is probably the easiest bread recipe you have ever experienced and the first bread I have made by hand EVER (I have an irrational fear of making bread and only previously produced any with the aid of a bread machine and some stern instructions....)

This bread is awesome because:

  • It's Gluten Free 
  • Yeast Free (aside from allergy issues, have you tried to buy yeast recently? That is definitely still relevant!)
  • Cheap and really quick to make (if you doddle prep time may be 20 mins)
  • *Low in fat (approx. 4g fat/ 100g, of which saturates are 1.6g)
  • Low in sugar (approx. 2g sugar/ 100g)
  • Rich in vitamins and minerals (pumpkin seeds people- ever checked out their profile?)


Gluten Free Pumpkin Seed Soda Bread


2 ⅛ Cups Doves Gluten Free White Bread Flour Blend (trust me, this is an awesome GF flour)

1 Cup Milk (*I used whole goats milk- this reduces the fat even more)

1 Tbsp Distilled White Vinegar

½ tsp salt

½ tsp sugar

1 tsp bicarbonate of soda

2 generous tablespoons raw pumpkin seed kernels

Makes 1 loaf (scale up as required, i.e. double makes 2 loaves etc, NOT a mega loaf)



  1. Add vinegar to milk and allow to sit for a minute. 
  2. Mix all dry ingredients together and prepare a well in the centre, now gently pour the vinegar/milk mix into the well (stirring gently with a fork) until evenly mixed.
  3. Knead lightly for around 20 to 30 secs and shape into a rugby ball. Cut a cross in the top and cook in a preheated oven at 185oC for approx 35 mins (if a stone base is used the result will be better, however, I managed with grease proof paper on a baking tray.)

The resulting loaf will be very brown and feel like a rock (do not be concerned by this!) Cool on a wire rack (and do not be tempted to cut the bread for at least an hour or longer- it crumbles like crazy during this cooling phase.)




Nutrition (some people will want to know!)


Approximate Values   Per 100g Per Slice (based on 10 per loaf)

Energy 271 kcal 171 kcal

Fat     4 g 2.5 g

of which saturates   1.6 g 1 g

Protein   5.2 g 3.3 g

Carbohydrate   54 g 34 g

of which sugars     2 g 1.3 g


A super tasty and slow energy release filling would be cheddar cheese, I've also added black olives and mixed leaves. Additional benefits of these fillings are they will last an age without going off, so no need to worry about rank sandwiches on the north face of The Ben! Obviously feel free to experiment and let us know your favourite combos.





Now based on my extensive research I have found evidence that these sandwiches have a positive effect on one's mood (not a bad thing these days....)



So there you have it, a bread that is simple, gluten free and won't wake you up in the middle of the night crying for water.


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Alan Robinson

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