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The Drink 1 Give 1 Project - A practical way to help over a cup of coffee.

Mar 16, 2020 4:47:37 PM / by Oliver Millington

Strange times we're in eh?

Running low on essentials - wondering about your work or job, wondering how you'll make ends meet. What about childcare and everything else?

These are some concerns. Unfortunately, for many, they're nothing to do with Corona-Virus.

In times of crisis, local communities step up to the plate and try and do what's best for each other. We're hoping that we can do something about the every day crisis that exists among us, and will only be made worse as the economy suffers the effect of COVID-19.

We're only a small business. We don't have heaps of cash. It's going to be a struggle to pay our staff wages if we have to close during a corona-virus outbreak, but if everyone thinks like that, we may as well bulk purchase the toilet roll and lock the world out.

So from today, for every purchase in our cafe, we will donate an equivalent item to the foodbank. One for One. Come in for lunch and support a local business, while at the same time giving to an unfortunately desparately needed cause.

Buy a coffee - we give a coffee - at no extra cost to you.

Buy a soup - we give a soup - at no extra cost to you.

Buy a cake - we give a cake (or at least some long-life biscuits) - at no extra cost to you.

The coffee is great by the way, fairtrade, organic and rainforest alliance certified. Well now it's doing extra good locally too. What's stopping you?





Oliver Millington

Written by Oliver Millington